We are an evangelical church in the Methodist tradition. We hold to the traditional teachings of orthodox Christianity.


A Church with Christ at the Center

Worship should help you sense God’s nearness and let you give yourself to Him. That’s why our services are life-oriented and centered on Jesus Christ. We enjoy inspiring music. Our pastor’s practical messages deal with real life situations. You will often hear testimonies from people who are experiencing the reality of God’s goodness and special guidance in their lives. We pray with great confidence in God’s ability to meet our personal needs and those of others. Worship is not just something to watch in our church- it’s something to do!

A Church that Teaches the Bible

We are unashamed to admit that we believe God’s Word, the Bible, has the only adequate answers for problems in our homes, community, world and has the only plan for eternal salvation - the gospel. It is the final authority for our faith and actions. We teach its truth and wisdom in classes and our sermon based growth groups. Our pastor teaches the Bible with the intention to help us see how it relates to our lives.

A Church Where Family Matters

We work with parents to give children and teens a foundation of biblical values and moral teaching. We provide a family atmosphere for singles, seniors, and men and women who are looking for a sense of belonging. We want to be your family’s partner in following Jesus Christ. That’s why we offer special activities for people of all ages, support programs for those who are making difficult adjustments, ministries throughout the year to enrich your spiritual growth, and opportunities to develop friendships with a wide variety of other persons.

A Church Built on Friendships

We encourage the kind of concern for one another that leads to friendships you can count on in times of stress or need. We offer you joy-filled relationships that make life a celebration. We invite you to enjoy deep, caring fellowship with others who are set on discovering God’s best for their lives, too. One of our most important teachings is that a life of “perfect love” for God and for our neighbors is made possible by the powerful work of God’s Holy Spirit in our lives.

A Church to Develop Your Potential

We believe that God’s love provides wonderful possibilities for us to know Him and to grow in a faith that gives life meaning, purpose, and power. We show people how Christ can set them free from past guilt and negative controlling habits. Through Him we find emotional wholeness, answers for life’s toughest question, guidance for difficult decisions, and hope for the future. We help each other become the best we can be by practicing our faith actively, by living a holy life through God’s power, and by serving Christ in our community.

A Church Committed to Helping Others

Because God loved the world He gave His best by giving Himself. Faith in Jesus Christ motivates us to imitate that love. He is the source of a compassion in our hearts for hurting people everywhere. He is our motivation for being involved in all kinds of people-helping projects, whether one-on-one in our neighborhood, through group efforts in our community, or worldwide missionary outreach. At Armbrust Wesleyan Church we want to be a people who practice what we preach, working to make life better for everyone in every way we can.

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