What we’re all about . . .

We are here to get to know God better and to grow closer to each other as we grow closer to Him.
We are here to serve as we learn to use the gifts God has given to each one of us.
We are here to show Jesus Christ to the women of our local and global communities and bring them into fellowship with us.



Contact Person:  Beth Stradling  (Text or call: 724-454-4235; email: beth@armbrustwesleyan.com) 
Fridays - 9:30AM to 10:45AM (with summers off)

Meetings are held in the Banquet Hall on the lower level of the church. 
Childcare is provided for a small donation.

Mothers of children of all ages are welcome to attend this group to learn and live together. The focus of MOMS CONNECT is to support each other in raising children with Christian values and to do so by deepening personal relationships with each other and with Christ. Topics for discussion generally focus on family and home with lively discussion, video, and crafts.

JOY Fellowship

Contact Person:  Pam Corathers (724-925-9110)
Tuesdays - 9:30AM to 11:00AM (with summers off)
Meetings are held in the Young Refiner's Room on the church's main level.

This is a group of women of all ages. This is both a Bible study and service group. Emphasis is placed on supporting each other, particularly in times of life crises, with visits, food, prayer, etc. Topics for study are varied and include group discussions. 

Sisters in Christ Bible Study

Contact Person: Beth Stradling  (Text or call: 724-454-4235; email: beth@armbrustwesleyan.com). Led by Bobbi Sechrist.
Saturdays - 9:30AM to 10:45AM  (This group meets for 4-6 weeks in each season: fall, winter, and spring.)
Meetings are held in the Evangel Classroom on the church's upper level, west hallway.

Women of all ages attend this group.  September 8-29 on Saturdays we will be discussing the book Living Like You Belong to God. Walk-ins and newcomers are always welcome.



Have other questions or need more info?
Please check our calendar on this website that has up to date details for all church groups and events or contact Beth Stradling.
(Text or call: 724-454-4235; email: beth@armbrustwesleyan.com)