Reasons for Faith

I Believe in a Holy God

By Pastor Tim Stradling


Pastor Tim kicks off a new series - Reasons for Faith by starting all the way at the beginning (The beginning of the universe, that is). Find out what God's holiness has to do with Genesis 1:1 as you watch.

Suffering - How Can God be Good?

By Pastor Tim Stradling


Pastor Tim tackles a tough a question - How can God be good when there is so much suffering? Often referred to as, "The Problem of Pain" it's a question that all of us will probably ask ourselves at some point in life. Whether you're currently in pain or not - it's incredibly valuable to your faith to know how to answer this question for yourself.

How Can You Trust the Bible?

By Pastor Tim Stradling


When almost everyone reads the Bible, there comes a point when they find things they don't understand or don't agree with. So what should our response be during those times and how do we know that the Bible is trustworthy? Pastor Tim asserts that you can trust the Bible historically, culturally, and personally.

Who Created God? And Other Questions

By Pastor Tim Stradling


Pastor Tim continues to tackle some tough questions in this final message on Reasons for Faith.