Proverbs: Wisdom Never Grows Old

Why Study the Proverbs?

By Pastor Tim Stradling


Pastor Tim Preaches from Chapter 1 and Chapter 3 of Proverbs and answers the question, "Why should you study and learn and live the Proverbs?"

The Wisdom of our Words

By Pastor Tim Stradling


We've all had the moments where we've wanted to insert our foot into our mouths. We know that there's foolish speech - we've been there before. What exactly constitutes wise words though? What does wise speech look like and how do we get better at speaking wisely?

The Sluggard and the Ant`

By Pastor Tim Stradling


Resting is good but so is hard work. In this message in our series on Proverbs, Pastor Tim sheds light on what a godly work ethic looks like as well as what it looks like to be a "sluggard."


By Pastor Tim Stradling


Pastor Tim preaches on humility as Proverbs understands it. In what ways do you struggle with pride? Is there more to humility than you know?

8 Benefits of the Righteous

By Pastor Keith Sobus


Pastor Keith preaches on righteousness as it's understood in the book of Proverbs. Your ideas about righteousness may change as a result and you may find yourself refreshed and encouraged at knowing what God has in store for the righteous.

The Wisdom You Need For Money

By Pastor Tim Stradling


Pastor Tim preaches on those proverbs which are related to our finances. Be challenged and encouraged as you hear what God's word has to say about such an integral part of ours lives.

Proverbs on Parenting

By Pastor Tim Stradling


Pastor Tim preaches on parenting from the book of Proverbs. Find out why godly parenting is at the heart of Proverbs and what it means for you.