Chasing the Heart of God

Fill Your Horn With Oil

By Pastor Tim Stradling


A Message by Pastor Tim Stradling at Armbrust Wesleyan Church. The first message of a new series: Chasing the Heart of God - A Study of the Life of David. Pastor Tim uses the story of how Samuel anointed the young David with oil to discuss how we can recharge if we are hurting from grief, loss, fear, or failure..

Precedent or Promise

By Pastor Tim Stradling


Pastor Tim Stradling preaches the second message in the series: Chasing the Heart of God. In this Father's Day message, he discusses how David and his followers can teach us about being fathers or followers of Christ. There are also some great surprise testimonies for many of our fathers in attendance. .


Who Am I To Judge?

By Pastor Tim Stradling


A Message from the Series: Chasing After the Heart of God by Pastor Tim Stradling at Armbrust Wesleyan Church. Listen along as pastor Tim shares important biblical insight on how Christians ought to judge others.

Sexual Sin - Do's and Don'ts of Chasing the Heart of God

By Pastor Keith Sobus


Pastor Keith preaches from 2 Samuel 11 &1 2 on the account of David and Bathsheba. Are our preconceived notions about their alleged affair accurate? Was Bathsheba a seductress manipulator or a victim of rape? Furthermore - if David (a man after God's own heart) is susceptible to such heinous sins then what should we be doing to guard ourselves?



Hitting Rock Bottom

By Pastor Tim Stradling


Pastor Tim preaches from 1 Samuel 21, a passage in which David experiences what it's like to hit rock bottom. As a result he ends up making a poor decision which costs him and others. How we respond to life's struggles matters - even when we're at an all time low.

Abigail and Michal

By Pastor Tim Stradling


Listen along as Pastor Tim preaches from 1 Samuel 25 and sheds light on godly peacemaking and other significant Christian values.



A Magnificent Picture of Grace

By Pastor Tim Stradling


Pastor Tim preaches from one of his favorite old testament passages 2 Samuel 9 - David's kindness to Mephibosheth and with it he illuminates God's love for us and how we ought to reflect that same love back to others.

Amnon & Tamar

By Pastor Tim Stradling


Pastor Tim preaches on an unpleasant and uncomfortable passage of scripture and throughout it we learn that God is concerned about rape and violent, forceful abuse of women. If you need counseling or someone to talk to we recommend the services listed at the bottom of the sermon manuscript. Please click "sermon manuscript" to download and view the file.

Closer Than a Brother

By Pastor Tim Stradling


In this sermon, Pastor Tim looks at 2 Samuel 14 - a time in David's life when he really needed a friend or two. Several friends came to his aid and their actions can teach us great principles on godly friendships.