PRAY like you mean it

3 Secrets Christians Should Keep For Powerful Prayers

By Pastor Keith Sobus


In Matthew 6 Jesus calls Christians to keep three secrets and these three secrets could have a significant impact on your prayer life. What secrets are you keeping?

Pray in the Spirit

By Pastor Keith Sobus


Pastor Keith preaches from Jude 17-20 and discusses why we should pray in the Spirit, what praying in the Spirit it, and how we can do it.

God Loves To Hear You Pray

By Pastor Keith Sobus


When you're praying, do you ever feel like you're bothering God, boring God, or maybe like you just don't belong? Could it be true that God loves to hear you pray? Could it be possible that He enjoys your company? Scripture testifies that God delights in the prayers of the upright. How would it shape your prayer life if you knew this to be true for you? God loves to hear you pray.