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What Is it?

Toonapalooza is a Western PA District Wesleyan Youth All-Nighter in Altoona. The event is organized and by district youth pastors and leaders. We begin with registration & pre-rally activities at Overflow Wesleyan Church. Then comes the worship rally where students will experience modern Christian high energy worship which gives many of them an opportunity to connect with God in a new way. A district youth pastor will give the message of the night. We'll have pizza at 10:30PM. Following Registration & Rally at Overflow, we'll head on over to The Summit where students will have the opportunity to play in numerous sports tournaments and activities. Dodgeball, Soccer, Volleyball, Swimming, Hot-tubing, and numerous other activities will be prepared. Following The Summit, we'll end our time at Holiday Bowl where students will be able to play cosmic bowling with their friends.

Why Go?

A Chance to Bond:
Staying up all night is awesome! Well, some people think so. Most importantly though, all nighters give students a chance to bond in a special way that just can't happen in a two hour period.

A Chance to Worship:
As we mentioned previously, many students will be exposed to modern, relatable, and high energy worship that they might not normally get to experience in their weekly routine. This will help provide them with an opportunity to connect with God in a new and engaging way.

A Chance to Invite Friends:
This is my favorite of the reasons. Sometimes inviting a friend to church or even youth group (which usually happens at a church) can be intimidating. It can challenging for a student to hear the word "church" and think: "Sounds like a place I'd like to go once school is over." However, inviting a friend to Toonapalooza can be much less challenging. "My youth group is going to stay up all night friday - playing games and sports and swimming and hot tubing and when we're done that we'll go to cosmic bowling. Would you like to come?" This can be much less intimidating for both parties and it gives students a chance to meet the youth group and become more comfortable. Next time they're invited to church they can be comfortable knowing that they'll see people they recognize or maybe even know well.

Contact Pastor Keith at or call/text him at 724 771 4796 if you have any more questions.