Humans Vs. Zombies


Wed Night Youth: Humans Vs. Zombies (Army 6:12)

Wed, February 25, 2015, 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Church, Lower Level, Youth Room (map)

INTRODUCTION – Army 6:12 Humans Vs. Zombies
Money Raised at Army 6:12 will go towards fighting Ebola. Cans donated will go to a local soup kitchen.

Game will be played at Armbrust Wesleyan Church and Armbrust Christian Academy, the field, lower parking lot and playgrounds. The woods are out of bounds. You cannot shut or lock doors. The game ends when everyone is a zombie or when 2 hours is up. Or when the given mission is accomplished. A reward is given to the zombie who collects the most ID cards and to the person who lasts the longest.

The bathrooms are safe zones but can only be used for the purposes they’re intended for. No guys in girls bathrooms and no girls in guy bathrooms.

Everyone begins with an ID card. If you are “bitten” by a zombie you must give your ID card to the zombie. A "Bite" is a firm two handed tag. You can only use nerf guns or socks to ward off zombie attacks. You must stand still 1 minute after being tagged to become an active zombie. When you hit a zombie with a nerf dart or sock the zombie must stand still for 60 seconds. You must wear a bandana on your sleeve at all times. When you are "bit", put the bandana on your neck to signify your waiting period of 1 minute. When you become active, the bandana goes on your head. When you are bitten and transforming into a zombie you must set your equipment down. Zombies cannot pick up weapons.

When you are stunned (which happens when you're hit with a sock or nerf dart), take the bandana from your head and put it around your neck, stand still for 1 minute, you cannot attack people during this time or interfere with gameplay. In order to “eat” someone you must tag them firmly with both hands. Zombies cannot have socks or nerf guns. When you become a zombie you must put your equipment down. You can only tag one player at a time.

At the start of the game, people will be randomly given an area to start in: School, Field, Playground, or Youth Room. The zombies will start in the Gazebo.

Bring Nothing
Start as a zombie

1 Can of Food – not expired
1 sock

2 Guns
If you bring 2 guns, you can donate one to the game you can use a second (You will be given the gun back at the end of the game).

You can BYOGun and use it (without having to donate a second gun)

1 nerf gun (You will not own it).

Two Bandanas: essentially, two lives. (1 for each arm. When bitten, one will go in your pocket while the other will stay on your arm, after being bitten you will be immune for 1 minute from zombies in order to regroup. After being bitten twice and waiting 1 minute after each bite, you will put the other bandana on your head and will be a zombie).

2 Nerf guns. You can also decide to have 2 guns instead of two bandanas.

"Everyone plays Humans vs. Zombies to have fun, and the rules of HvZ only exist because we agree they do. That’s why the most important rule of Humans vs. Zombies is to treat your fellow players with respect, and gracefully accept when you have been tagged or stunned."

Find Cure