Minecraft Easter Egg Hunt 2016

We love Jesus. Jesus loves kids. Kids love minecraft. Behold: Minecraft Easter Egg Hunt. Kids can get their picture taken with Minecraft Steve and the Easter Bunny. They'll also have the ability to win cool minecrat prizes including a crafting table, and creeper hoodie. The eggs themselves will be filled with candy (not too late to donate some!) and some will even have minecraft toys inside.

3 Easy Ways You Can Help:


1.) Pray
Go on. We'll wait. Say a prayer right now and ask God to use this event to reach people, to touch people, and connect people with out church. May this be an unexpected catalyst to a life changing journey of faith.

2.) Share
We posted a promo graphic of our event on our facebook page. Once we saw how many people were sharing it we made a special minecraft promo video. Together they reached 4,060 people and were shared 47 times. Like our facebook page, and share the post to your wall or a friends wall. 

Don't have facebook? You can find the video here and share the link with your friends.

3.) Invite
What's better than finding about an event from your newsfeed or social media account? Being personally invited by a friend. Can you think of three people you know who would love to bring their kids to a Minecraft Easter Egg Hunt? Call, text, message, or speak to them in person and let them know that you'd love to see them here.  


Robert Madu, Brent Crowe, Brent Ingersoll, Nicole Reyes, and Darren Whitehead. More info about speakers can be found here: http://follow2015.com/#speakers-artists

Elevation Worship, Rend Collective, and Brandon Grissom

Students ages 12 and up!

Hotels include: Crown Plaza, Embassy Suites, Hilton, Hyatt Regency, Marriott, The Westin, Omni Hotels and Resorts. We'll be staying with our youth groups and to make things more affordable some students may be asked to stay with another youth group from our district.

The convention itself is at Indianapolis Convention Centre 100 S Capitol Ave, Indianapolis, IN.


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