Yeah, But Will That Work Here?

I know what you were thinking during this Sunday’s message (link here): ”That worked in Asia, but that’s not going to work here in the increasingly post-Christian culture we live in.” Well, maybe you didn’t have “increasingly post-Christian culture” in your mental objection; that sounds like pastor speak. But, I agree and understand. It’s not likely that someone in our culture could lead a movement where 200 churches get started in 3 months or 150,000 churches get started in 10 years.  Of course, we’d never say the Holy Spirit couldn't or won’t do that. But it was an entirely different context where God did this amazing thing. So, I thought I’d share this follow up story that didn’t quite fit in the message on Sunday.

In the first talk I heard from Ying at Exponential 2015, he ended with this story. “Many people say this can’t work in the States. Maj. Jeff McDaniel served in the US Army in Washington D.C. After he was trained to share the gospel and to train others to train others, 206 people came to Christ within eighteen months. This included six generations of Christians – those who led someone to Christ, who led someone to Christ, and on to the sixth generation. They also started 26 new small groups. When he was later deployed to an embassy in western Africa, he led 300 more people to Christ and started 15 more small groups.” He also tells of many new churches across the US where they employ his T4T training methods (see T4T book here) to train people to train others to share the gospel. In many of these cities, thousands of people are coming to Christ and dozens of small groups and churches are being started. 

So, as Ying would say in his slightly broken English “Obey from Jesus Great Commission. Pray. Keep it simple. Just do it!”

-Pastor Tim